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11 Nov 2020



​We have been featured in an article named "BEST 10 MACARON PLACES IN SINGAPORE” by Best in Singapore!



The M Plot Cafe is a locally owned cafe specialising in brunches, beverages and desserts. The M Plot Macarons Cafe has been in the industry for about 2 years, and they take pride themselves as a cafe that deals with “Taste”.


In 2018, they won the Asia Food Innovation Award and they are proud to be recognised as the Best Confectionery Winner when they entered the competition with their Signature Macarons.“Taste of Asia”. The M Plot Cafe is also known for its creative flavours that blend cultures in macarons and desserts.


They offer a wide variety of handcrafted macarons and apart from classic flavours, they also have unique flavours like the “Salted Egg Yolk’s Curry Macarons” which is popular among salted egg lovers. Also, they have “Big Macarons” such as Raspberry Rose Lychee, Chocolate Hazelnut Praline and the Black Forest macarons which are well-liked by their customers too. Apart from Macarons, they also have beautifully decorated Dessert Pastries like Chocolate Caramel Croissant, Almond Croissant and Cakes.

As for brunches selection, they have options like House-Made Crunchy Granola, Organic Eggs Benedict, Croissant Sandwich, Eggs on Toast and Dutch Baby Pancakes. 


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